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1971 Jaguar E-Type

For sale a 1971 Jaguar E Type series 3 V12 AutoRecently imported from California,duties paid She is in very original condition,hasn’t been stripped,previously restored or tarted up,just what I would call in barn find type condition and a great project for full restorationOnly things I can see missing are the ignition keys,l/h rear window and rear exhaust from about halfway along,even the jack,wheel brace and spare wheel are there.I haven’t had it running but nothing is off the engine or engine bay at all.Obviously all will need gone through but it is a restoration project.I can only put up 12 photos here but please ask for more photos of the areas that I see will need attention.The floors are gone at the corners,back of rear wheel arches as you can seeLower front part of bonnet will...

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