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1998 Jaguar XK8 fully renovated to highest standard.

In Excellent Condition, completely renovated bodywork, suspension and interior over the last five years. Reconditioned Gearbox, Complete suspension rebuild with new shocks and nylon bushes.Body has been completely rebuilt, rear arches cut out and replaced, floor panels replaced and under body completely undersealed. Car was wrapped following body renovation.If buyer wishes to have car resprayed then there is no further work required before painting. Complete set of new tyres fitted recently, car has only done approx. 1500 miles since tyres fitted. Serviced yearly over past five years. Mileage 120000 miles, 5 month mot and supplied with protective cover.Excellent car for someone who wants an excellent XK8 and wants to use it without having to spend large sums of money on it. Don't miss...

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